Food&Beverage breakfast control

Manage your restaurant bookings & breakfast control without excel or paper

Know exactly what will be your restaurant capacity in every service

  • Set up your restaurant maximum-safest occupancy to keep the social distance.
  • Manage your staff based on the number of reservations.
  • Plan ahead for manpower and food delivery to maintain quality service at all levels.
Hotel Restaurant services ocuppancy
Restaurant breakfast check-in at hotels

Surprise your guests by knowing their preferences
Make your restaurant more efficient

  • Control your breakfast entrances and view how many guests remain for the service.
  • Get to know better your guests by adding all kinds of details: allergies, favourite table, VIP.
  • Departments connected with smart notifications to housekeepers to clean the room while the guests are at the restaurant.
  • Know your occupancy and reduce your costs by avoiding overproduction.

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