Hotel Breakfast Control like never before

Restaurant breakfast control - tablet/ipad

The F&B  department has seen a few improvements in terms of payment methods and Wi-fi accessibility, however, is still doing the breakfast registration through a printed list with all the guests at the hotel.

Shall we get some digitalization here? Oh, YES, please!

By introducing an F&B management solution, you eliminate the need to use paper. The queue will definitely decrease and you’ll get detailed information about your guests’ preferences and the breakfast service performance.

In a previous post, we have shared how the Hospitality Industry is moving towards digitalization, and how important it is to have a Hotel Management Operation System.

The F&B solution comes as an important addition to the complex operation of the hotel, providing valuable and useful information to the kitchen and restaurant staff whilst enhancing your guest experience.

Let me describe how hub OS F&B module can help you on the operational side:

  • Become more agile –  in just 2 clicks you can control and register your guests to the breakfast service.
  • Digital registration process – allows you to have access to real-time data to acknowledge which guests are having or had breakfast already.
  • Automatic reports for more efficient restaurant management –  gives you useful information to better understand your breakfast performance. It helps you identify your guest flow, reduce food waste and manage the number of staff you need in your different service times.

We have listed some of the operational advantages of this module, yet how will this help you offer a more personalised guest experience?

  • Add personalised guest notes – all kinds of guest details such as allergies, favourite table, special requests or any other preferences. Allow them to enjoy the breakfast at fullest.
  • Control the maximum safest occupancy – you and especially your guests want to feel safe in any situation. Create time slots to organise your restaurant affluence.
  • Real-time communication with other departments – once you register that guest from room 303 checked in for breakfast, all your departments are aware and, for example, your housekeeping can use that time to clean the room, avoiding disturbing the guest.

Are you ready to take your F&B to the next level?