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QA Engineer

Senior programmer with extensive knowledge of PHP and cloud development practices. Experience in dockerized environments and with CICD systems. Fundamental knowledge of architecture in microservices, serverless, stateless, event driven.

Technical knowledge

Extensive experience with PHP.
Extensive experience with symfony.
Knowledge of other PHP frameworks
Knowledge of other programming languages. Python, Ruby, Java, Scala, Haskell.

Knowledge Infrastructure/Devops
Experience with Gitlab CI (nice to have) and knowledge of other CICD systems
Testing of applications at multiple levels, unitary, integration, e2e
Basic knowledge of scripting in one or more languages (python, bash, ksh, etc)

Knowledge of design patterns (gang of four or similar)
12 factor apps, microservices
Development of applications in containerized and/or serverless environments (kubernetes, mesos, lambda, appengine, heroku)
Understanding and/or exposure to event driven architecture, microservices, serverless, and other distributed systems

Soft skills
Own initiative. Ability to analyze problems, articulate strategies/tactics to remedy/avoid them, and carry out alone or in a team.
Ability to navigate complex or uncertain scenarios and establish a roadmap.

Job Category: QA Engineer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote

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