8 ways to improve your Hotel Operations

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The guest experience, followed by their reviews and therefore your online reputation, are the most important aspect in the Hospitality Industry.

From the moment a reservation is made, the guest checks-in, until checks-out, you have to think about every single touch-point.

You know how complex the operation at a hotel is: Frontdesk, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Room Service, F&B, Guest Relations, Valet, and the list goes on and on.

All need to be very well synchronized in order to be successful and efficient.

Improve the guest experience - Hub OS

8 tips to move your Hotel towards operational improvement

1. Update and Optimize your current operational processes

Optimize your human and digital resources by implementing a hotel operations management system.

As a result, you will save hours and money by guiding your team to focus on what it really matters: perform their daily duties in the best possible and with as much automation as possible.

It’s time to eliminate the unnecessary tasks!

2. Reduce your response times

Improve the customer experience by reducing the response times to their requests.

Avoid chat tools that are not integrated with your current systems and where you still need to track manually if the request is being taken care of and distribute manually the tasks to each of the responsible departments.

The Guest in Touch module allows your guests to request housekeeping services (extra towels, set DND, Make Up Room, more amenities, etc.) and register incidents through a web app that can be used on the desktop or mobile.

These requests go directly to the responsible teams (through pop-up notifications) without a need for a ticketing system to attribute the tasks.

Easy and fast right?

That’s what automation is for!

Housekeeping Manager checks faults registered

3. Register all your hotel operations’ activities

While all types of actions are being done and registered, you can access your hotel data for future decisions or measures.

Analysis of repeated incidents, resolution times, staff assignments and productivity, among other KPIs.

Therefore you will have a more enriched understanding of how your hotel is performing and where there is still room for improvement.

4. Task planning

Avoid improvisation in your day-to-day by properly planning preventives tasks, legal inspections, deep cleaning, housekeeping task allocation.

Let the system work for you and remind you about tasks that need to be done and how are your room status.

Preventive maintenance and technical-legal

5. Centralized system

Why having a system for every single department, instead of a centralized and complete operations system?

Implement an operation management system that has a 2-way integration with your PMS, avoiding extra manual work and repeated processes and activity registrations.

Ideally, your Hotel Operations Platform system should cover you, at least, in Housekeeping and Maintenance.

Sooner than later you will realise that will be very costly to implement 3-5 different systems to meet your operational needs.

6. Housekeeping Management

Keep a record of the Housekeeping activities and all tasks performed, get reports of the total cleaning times, each room attendant cost and productivity, linen and minibar postings, and more useful data to help you understand where you can optimise in the most costly hotel department.

Housekeeping cleaning times

7. System flexibility

While choosing a hotel operations management system, make sure it is flexible enough that it can adapt to your needs and understands how you operate.

Every single hotel operates on its own, depending on many factors and it’s crucial that your Hotel Operations Platform system allows you to customise your account as much as possible.

8. User-friendly

By implementing a centralized system you are adapting your operations, so make sure you choose the one that is easy to understand and to use on a daily basis, without losing any functionality you need.

Simple and intuitive tool

How to know exactly what you need in your hotel operations?