Guests wait in line, on average, 5m to enter the breakfast service!

Did you know? Food and Beverage

In today’s “Did you know?” we’re going to talk about the F&B department, which too many times is forgotten between all the hotel operations decisions.

First, let’s acknowledge the struggles of this department.

How many of you, F&B experts, struggled with any of the points below?

  • The hassle to find the room where the guest is, in the many pages we have in front of us – and the queue keeps growing.
  • How many guests are missing breakfast?
  • Are there any guests with special requirements or allergies?
  • Is the food enough? Do I need more staff for the service today or this week?
  • Am I at full occupancy or do I still have availability?

We will repeat ourselves, but here it goes: embrace the digitalization in all your departments, no exception!

Hotel Food and Beverage Technology
But let’s focus on the Food & Beverage department:
  • Create shifts for any service time (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Organise and control the maximum-safest occupancy that you have established.

  • Manage the restaurant bookings based on the above.

Plan for manpower and food delivery to maintain quality service at all levels.

  • Allow your guests to book a table without having to go or call the reception.

In a contactless way (web-based), through the Guest in Touch module, your guests can choose the available times and have a real-time seating occupancy by colours, avoiding the busiest hours.

More mobility, more automation and better interdepartmental communication.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive to evolve your hotel!