Maintenance Technicians often miss critical tasks in the hotel!

Did you know - Maintenance

Technicians miss critical tasks, such as incidents reported by guests, but also important preventive tasks like elevator inspections and others, due to a lack of useful and digital tools.

Don’t be that surprised and please, don’t go running at your Maintenance team to check if this is happening.

They are humans and we cannot expect them to know that the incident written on page 2 of your maintenance paper list is the most priority task of the day.

This is one of the many reasons it’s so important to have fully integrated systems, allowing your front desk, housekeeping, and any other departments or guests to report an incident and notify your maintenance teams automatically.

Would you know what is the most recurring mechanical or engineering issue at your hotel? 

And how much time and money are you losing with those repeated faults?

This is what Hub OS Maintenance is for, to help you oversee all of this and more.

Firstly – data! 

Data is super important to operate your hotel efficiently.

But you won’t have these insights if all your staff is multitasking with printed checklists!

Property maintenance, just like housekeeping, is one of the most important departments in a hotel, and it can have a significant cost for your hotel(s).

When talking about maintenance, we can talk about corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance.

In any case, it’s crucial to allow your Maintenance team to:

  • Register and access digitally any faults and start the preventive tasks through the mobile app.
  • Get the hotel preventive checklists 100% customised and set up their frequency and the responsible technician or external company.
  • Monitor corrective and preventive indicators to easily spot potential problems.
  • Not miss any preventive task, with the calendar functionality and with the automatic notifications, avoiding any future incidents.
  • Use QR codes for quick identification of assets, their year of installation, brand and documentation.
  • Get complete traceability on tasks.
  • Create escalation rules to make sure that priority faults, especially those reported by guests, are resolved asap.
  • Analyse your savings, both in time and money.
  • Have app with offline operation, so you can access it anywhere and at any time.

This is just part of what you should be having and analysing at your hotel!

Is there anything else you need from an easy Maintenance tool?
We probably have it too.