Housekeepers spend on avg. more than 1 hour daily with only 2 tasks!

Did you know - Housekeeping
Housekeepers spend on avg. 45 minutes just in allocating rooms
An avg. of 30 minutes informing reception which rooms are clean
All of this on a daily basis!

Welcome to the first series of “DID YOU KNOW?”, which aim to give you short but useful content in regards to Housekeeping, Maintenance, F&B, Quality and much more.

The first one is about a very important department – HOUSEKEEPING.

The hospitality industry is not changing – already changed!

After establishing health and hygiene safety measures, you might think: What comes next in my housekeeping department?

More efficiency, better productivity and higher quality rates are exactly what you and every single hotelier is looking for!

Especially after knowing how much time your housekeepers spend allocating rooms (avg. 45minutes on a daily basis) and informing reception which rooms are clean (avg. 30 minutes on a daily basis).

However, bear in mind that without the right resources and tools, you can’t simply expect your housekeeping team to excel in their duties.
Believe us, they’re already doing a lot!

That being said, besides cleaning, changing the linen and replacing amenities, their responsibilities and importance go way beyond that:

  • Staff planning and management
  • Stock control
  • Task allocation
  • Rooms inspection
  • Linen management
  • Guests requests
  • Communication with Front Desk, Maintenance and other departments.
  • The list goes on…
Ok, now imagine doing all of this with an excel sheet and paper. Are you seeing the madness already? 

It’s time to provide an easy, customisable and affordable tool to your housekeeping department.
And this will mean more mobility, more automation and better interdepartmental communication.

Using the right tool will allow your Housekeeping Supervisor to go from an avg. 45m allocating rooms to a maximum of 10 minutes a day.

What about the rooms that are clean? That needs to be sent automatically and in real-time to your PMS, so neither your Housekeeping team nor reception needs to call each other for this and other important details.

For example, through the Hub OS app, your Attendants know the rooms they were assigned to, their daily tasks, any guests requests they’re responsible for, chat with the supervisor, set do not disturb or cleaning refused, register minibar consumptions and much more.

Your Supervisors know in real-time which rooms the attendants are cleaning, if any is ready for inspection or even send a reminder for a guest request that was not finished yet.

The possibilities are almost endless and at the end of the day, you have a team working more efficiently and not wasting time on registrations or even worse, doing mistakes just because they can’t keep it up with manual and useless tasks.

And remember, create a safe environment for your team to share their experiences, concerns and suggestions for improvements.

They’re the ones in the “field”, every single day, so we really recommend adding them to your decision making when selecting your new Housekeeping tool.