How to optimize your Hotel Pre-Opening

Hotel expansion - new hotel openings

Did you ever manage or were part of a hotel pre-opening?

Opening a hotel is a totally different challenge than managing one. The to-dos of a hotel pre-opening are enormous, from creating the business plan up to the final validation before the ‘big day’.

Among various steps in the complexity of opening a hotel, most of the final steps are managed through printed checklists and require you to be carrying the legal documents and project plans everywhere.

💡 4 advices to optimise your pre-opening in the best way possible:

1. Execute and control your opening digitally

Managing your opening through printed documents is a no go. It will take you more time, with more room for errors and miscommunications, and makes it harder to have a clear overview of every stage of the process.

“HUB automatically generate work certificates and reports in just a few seconds.”

2. Create a detailed pre-opening plan

  • Pre-opening budget for expenses regarding staff relocation and training, temporary equipment, and sales & marketing actions.
  • Project plan documents and building book (that includes all the hotel information, documentation, executed projects, contracts, etc.) in one place, where you can access it anywhere at any time (with or without internet access).
    How? By having the E&C module from HUB Buildings.
  • Control of the timelines and required resources every step of the way.
  • Obtain your digital snagging list to track any faults reported, the repairs and timings.
    With hub OS you can have all your checklists on your mobile phone for quick and easy access.
  • Start preparing your maintenance manuals.

3. Choose your tech kit

There is a lot of technology to decide from in a new opening, check if the operating system you’ll be implementing can help you also in these pre-opening challenges. That being said, your hotel tech should include:

4. Hiring the best people

Building and training a strong team is very important to move forward successfully but it takes time, so don’t leave this one for the last.

As you probably know, the challenges don’t stop once you open, they simply change.We want to give you an extra suggestion, this one for your post-opening:

‼️ Evaluate your products life cycle and providers

There are a lot of assets to be controlled and managed in a hotel. And you should know their lifecycle and audit them every 6 or 12 months.
This is critical in order to evaluate the best assets, the respective providers, and save money!
In the case of multi-property hotels, makes it so much easier to know which providers to keep in new openings.

Preparation and focus are the essential aspects that every General Manager we spoke with mentioned when opening a hotel.

There are many other key factors to take into account before and right after opening your hotel, but we leave you with some that we are already tackling for you.

Struggling with any other area of a new opening?

Let us know, we are here to help you!