How HUB CYCLE can make your Hotel Operations easier

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That’s simple:  it’s your hotel operating solution cycle, based on your needs and integrated with your PMS, ERP, BMS and other tools.

Welcoming your guests requires a considerable number of challenges every day.
The connection and communication between departments are crucial to efficiently manage your hotel, but we know there is more and we also know that is not that easy.

From expansion to operations and management, that’s exactly the reason why we created the HUB Cycle solutions: to save you from any hotel operations hassle.


Even before your opening, while the building construction is moving forward, a snagging list on your mobile is a must-have, and a real-time overview of the reported incidences on your building plan briefs you on what is going on.


Manage correctly your entire operations at the hotel, from faults and complaints to rooms cleaned and guest requests delivered faster.

Thanks to easy and intuitive software, your maintenance and housekeeping teams can effectively improve their productivity and the communication with all departments.
Yes, it will also help you reduce your costs significantly.


Global and detailed analytics are made simple to access anywhere, everywhere, and insightful to quickly determine the best further actions.

And no worries, we will be sending you helpful periodical reports, so you don’t miss every important detail.

On the other side, we also allow you to automate your CAPEX and manage it smoothly, deal with your suppliers and each contract, and control the legal inspections with automatic report generation.

How HUB makes your Hotel Operations easier?

The main focus of HUB solutions is to make you rethink your daily processes and smartly digitalize your essential procedures and tasks.

We make it possible in departments like housekeeping, maintenance, food&beverage, quality service and engineering & construction.

As a general manager, director of operations, VP or any other C-level position, you want to know as well about costs and possible savings, productivity, KPIs and investments. We got what you need there as well.

We point some of the key features to help you leverage your operations:

✔️ Simplify your departments’ communication by having a tool that allows you to create tasks for other departments and inform about room or incident status faster, effectively reducing response times.

✔️ Get to work with an intuitive and user-friendly solution, available in any device with offline operation fully available, giving the mobility your departments need.

✔️ Check real-time notifications of all maintenance tasks or quality incidents, the room’s status or availability, the minibar’s consumption, DND, etc. Once again, on any device, through push notification or email.

✔️Analyse real-time data in various reports available through the system and know exactly how your hotels are performing (individually and at the group level).

✔️ Integrate with your hotel PMS and other useful tools, so there’s no need to duplicate tasks or check 5 different tools, translating into more effective responses and 5-star service to your guests.

As a hotelier, you know exactly how important it is to run the hotel operations as smooth as possible, with the correct safety measures in place. And technology in the industry is already a reality.

Now, is up to you to choose the right solution for you that in the long run can meet every single pain you have or may have.

This is exactly the reason behind the HUB Cycle solutions: to overcome every single operation departments’ struggles.

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