Technology + Mindset: How to become a greener hotel

Green building by Sherra Triarosdiana

Our planet is changing in many different ways, and it is our mission to decrease the damage that we have done in the past years.

The use of technology can be powerful in making an important change and in establishing new procedures and processes that can help your company move towards a sustainable operation.

We have the power in our hands to make it happen!

As a society, we need to embrace a different mindset and grow our willingness to establish a meaningful change to what it should be our common purpose: save the planet!

In the Hospitality Industry, like many others, the impact on climate change is real and concerning.

⚠️ The energy, paper, plastic, food and water consumption is huge!

There is an unnecessary destruction of our planet and the hospitality industry, with emerging technology, has what it needs to contribute to the reduction of global waste.

Hub OS was designed to help hotels improve their operation by transforming manual processes into environmental friendly digital ones and eliminating useless tasks through automation.

Basically, supports you to run your hotel operations efficiently!


How, together with hotels, do we intervene in the improvement of climate change?

By having Hub solutions in departments like housekeeping, maintenance or F&B, the amount of paper saved per day can be surprising, but there’s more.

‼️ More than 60% of hotels still use paper, excel sheets and phone calls to manage their housekeeping and maintenance departments.

We all know that this is not sustainable, nor efficient. But only a few have changed up until now.

Thankfully, many are rushing to change asap and hopefully only a very small percentage will keep doing things the way they’ve been doing since 10 or 20 years now.

Everything that you have been managing through paper & phone calls can now be digital, at your fingertips, accessible anywhere, anytime with no waste of paper.

  • The housekeeping planning;
  • Staff presence registration;
  • Task checklist;
  • Staff productivity;
  • Faults’ registration;
  • Materials needed/used;
  • Etc, etc, etc.

    No more paper!

What about cutting down on wasteful single-use plastics?

Because of the extra safety measures due to covid-19, a lot of hotels went back to offer the individual amenities instead of the refillable shampoos and shower gel. However, this last option also uses plastic and it was never trusted by most guests (even before the pandemic).

💡 Did you know that there are many other options, sustainable and plastic-free out there?

A few examples are the amenity kit from OnMateria, the zero-waste and vegan shower tablets from EarthSuds or even sustainable slippers from Elementura Amenities.

Your maintenance team can have as well a positive impact on becoming a greener hotel.

A significant number of hotels don’t give the importance needed to the preventive maintenance tasks and at the end of the day, you’re increasing your costs without even noticing.

Have a clear maintenance plan and share it between all departments, check filter changes,  look for water leaks, refrigerator coil cleaning, check the water and energy equipment to make sure that everything is performing properly.

Now, in case you have a restaurant at your hotel, are you aware of the food waste?
Or even who exactly are your providers and their footprint?

By knowing the occupancy of your restaurant you can have an accurate forecast of the food you actually needed.

With Hub, you have useful reports available to better understand the performance of your services (breakfast, lunch & dinner), identify guest flow and reduce significantly the food waste whilst managing the staff you need in your various service times.

👉 This is also possible by giving your guests the opportunity to book your restaurant in advance through the Guest in Touch solution.

Plus, replace your paper list to check-in guests during breakfast, with a simple digital tool (we also have you covered on that, no worries).

These are all important steps obviously, but there is more that can be done. For example, buying organic and local food and offering food excess to local charities.

Last but not least, what also helps hotels reduce operating costs is tracking the energy and water consumptions on a monthly basis.

It can be very simple through a tracking system like Hub Energy Module.

One of the key features of this module is the warnings configuration for out-of-range consumptions. This way you control and analyse consumptions and easily identify problems.

It can indicate that an equipment needs to be replaced, that might be a water leak or something else.

You can always start with a small step by replacing your light bulbs with LED lights, that are more durable and don’t use as much energy as the regular ones.

Further on, think about installing solar panels.

In the end of the day what is really important is to start with the right mindset and develop a short vs long term plan.

Becoming a greener hotel will not only reduce costs but also improve and elevate the guest experience and have a positive impact!

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Main picture by Sherra Triarosdiana