𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟬 was a challenging year for everyone, but regardless of the unusual days, we kept working to be part of a positive transformation in the hospitality industry and offer a better solution!

Besides our goal of sharing useful insights to improve the hotel operations, we have developed new features allowing hotels to be more efficient and provide the right tools for happier staff and therefore happier guests!

With no further due, check out some of the most relevant features released in 2020 for your hotel in 2021:



1. Common areas checklist
A task list for your common areas on everything that needs to be cleaned, its periodicity and responsible staff.

2. Rooms and common areas inspection and quality rating
Easily inspect rooms and common areas, add remarks, pictures and rate it accordingly.

3.  Protocols access
Access any files you upload in HUB, from anywhere, any time!

4. Escalation process
Set up escalation conditions, making sure single work order and incidents is handled in a manner time and solved with clarity.


1. Automatic tasks assignment
Flexible tasks assignment through various smart rules.

2. Escalation process
Same logic as above, set up rules, making sure single work order and incidents is handled in a manner time and solved with clarity.

3. Management of technical inspections
Schedule technical inspections, check its status, add relevant information, costs and set an automatic periodicity so you don’t miss it!


Booking reservations
Manage your restaurants’ capacity, shifts and bookings.


Guest in Touch

The most exciting solution we have launched in 2020 will help thousands of hoteliers to be safely closer to their guests!

This new module offers your guests a contactless way to communicate with you without having to download an app, call, message or walk to the front desk.

▸ Restaurant bookings

▸ Maintenance incidents

▸ Housekeeping requests

▸ DND / Make up room


Understanding where and how to implement new and better measures, an easy tool is essential to know your consumption per room night, total rooms, air-conditioned sqm2, and so on.

HUB Energy module allows you to set warning notifications for out-of-range consumptions, track actions such as the replacement of the insulation, or the type of lighting and, compare your data with hotels of similar magnitudes in order to establish your KPIs and new measures.



The integration with HiJiffy came to offer hoteliers an opportunity to put together the best communication platform and the most automated operating system, allowing guests to request or report anything related to housekeeping and maintenance whilst the staff get automatically the orders to offer the best experience.


Control4 by SuiteControl lets guests, through a control switch and push sensors on the bedside, request to: make up the room, register an incident and log DND.
These requests are then automatically assigned to the responsible department, team, or person to act upon it.


The PMS is one of the most important software at your hotel and connected systems are crucial to becoming as efficient as possible.

Some of the PMS that joined the list in 2020 were:

Protel, Hotelgest, Tesipro, Ofihotel, Smile, Microsoft Dynamics.

More and more solutions will be integrated very soon, stay tuned!

💡 2021 is a year of new opportunities, so get in with a new mindset and new tools to make your hotel future-proof!