New Integration with Tanda Software now available

The integration of Tanda Software with Hub OS provides a comprehensive solution for staff management in your hotel. By combining these two platforms, you will gain significant benefits in optimizing scheduling, attendance tracking, and staff management. Here are some key advantages of this integration:

Efficient scheduling: 

  • Leverage Tanda Software’s advanced scheduling capabilities to create optimized schedules and planning (this information will be available automatically on Hub OS for daily allocation), taking into account hotel demand and employee skills.

Attendance and time tracking: 

  • Tanda Software allows for accurate and automated recording of employee attendance, including clock-in and clock-out. The information seamlessly integrates with Hub OS, simplifying tracking and reporting.

Leave and license management:

  • The integration enables better management of employee leave and licenses. You can easily record and monitor requests for time off, vacation days, sick leave, and more.

Integrated information flow: 

  • By combining Tanda Software and Hub OS, you achieve seamless data synchronization, eliminating the need for manual data entry in both systems (Automatic generates the users created in Tanda on Hub OS). This ensures greater accuracy and time savings in staff management.

Consolidated reporting: 

  • Access consolidated reports and detailed analysis on staff management, such as hours worked, break times, and productivity. This will provide you with a clearer and more objective view of hotel operations.

The integration of Tanda Software and Hub OS allows you to optimize staff management, streamline processes, and improve overall hotel efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of this powerful combination of solutions! 

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