How to save on energy costs and boost hotel efficiency

Agile maintenance teams with hub OS mobile app

There is so much you can do in hotel operation to achieve higher efficiency.

The question is:

⚠️ Do you measure and control your energy consumptions?

You could be saving thousands!

💡 Here are 4 simple tips:

1. Replace light bulbs with more efficient ones.

2. Change the air filter regularly.

3. Repair leaking water fixtures and seal cracks as soon as possible.

4. Register and track your electricity and water consumptions.

Understanding where and how to implement new and better measures, an easy tool is essential to know your consumption per room night, total rooms, air-conditioned sqm2, and so on.

Hotel energy consumptions with visual graphics for analysis

Hub OS Energy module offer various functionalities to help you save on your hotel’s operations costs.
  • Set warning notifications for out-of-range consumptions – based on energy value (kWh), cost-effective (€), or an indicator (kWh/room occupied.
  • Track actions such as the replacement of the insulation, or the type of lighting and register your energy performance.
  • Compare your data with hotels of similar magnitudes in order to establish your KPIs and new measures.