4 key points to make it right for your hotel

What you need to be implementing in your hotel asap - Blog

Many hotels around the world already speed up their technological transformation in order to improve and prepare themselves for more and new guests’ needs.

If you didn’t yet, gather your team as soon as possible and tackle  the following key points:

1. Internal processes and procedures that might be obsolete. Which ones should have been implemented previously and which ones might be unnecessary in the upcoming months.

2. Guests’ behaviours before and post-covid.
Offer your guests different ways to communicate with you but mainly, be where they’re, with the tools they’re familiar with.

3. Analyse your current Hotel tech stack and acknowledge if its scalable to meet your current and future needs.

4. Cost-effectiveness of your current technological software and how much allows you to save whilst improving your staff & guest experience.
Are they easy for newcomers to adapt and use on a daily basis? And what about your KPIs, do these tools help you achieve them?

Every hotelier cares about its guest experience, but many, in the meantime, forget about their staff.

👉  What you need to be implementing in your hotel asap:

Data, data, data

It’s hard to improve what you are not accurately measuring, right?
How do you know how much you could be saving then?

For example, without a housekeeping solution, you don’t have a way to measure the attendants’ productivity and either your team has the right tools to improve it.

What about the costs of regular faults in the hotel, how will you know what preventive can you introduce to avoid these current faults and lower your costs in maintenance?

Think about it and send us a message, we’ll be happy to show you the magic!

Cloud based solutions

At this point, you know what a cloud solution is. It allows you to not only manage every single part of your hotel anywhere at any time (forget the VPN) but also getting updates and new features in real-time without hassle.


This is the key, your key to success!

It doesn’t matter which department, although it is important to make this automation available to as many as possible.

  • Integrated PMS that is fast and simple –  you don’t want your reception staff locked in a complex screen instead of focusing on your guests.
  • Guest communication through AI, helping your guests with any questions, requests and boosting your direct bookings through smart chatbots.
  • An easy to use housekeeping & maintenance tool to boost your teams’ productivity, improve guests’ requests response times and avoid miscommunications between departments.


Implement tools that are either mobile-friendly or have an app available for download.
We all carry our mobiles with us, everywhere we go, and your guests too!

You want to be able to respond to a guest through your mobile while you’re in any other part of the hotel.

Your maintenance and housekeeping staff wants to be able to log an incident or change a room status without having to call reception or register it at the end of the day.

The same as choosing cloud base solutions, the mobile-friendliness tool will offer you the flexibility you’re missing.

These are the key points we believe will make you more than ready to face these challenging times.

HUB together with other great technological partners, are here to help you make it happen!

Need some help on where to start?