Welcome to the new era of Hub OS

HUB Buildings transform to hub OS

The history is quite unique, it reveals the vision and the goodwill of two good friends that together decided to create and develop HUB Buildings from scratch as a technological solution for the hotel industry.

HUB was born to fill an existing gap in hotels regarding operational management. The aim was to develop a system that could keep track and register all tasks performed by the staff in real-time, with useful reports accessible at any moment and very important, easy to use on a daily basis.

That dream started to come true in 2015, and only 5 years later, HUB is much more than what was initially thought. 

By listening to the industry leaders’ pain-points and thanks to the details, perseverance, hard work and customer-orientated mindset of Alex and Joan, HUB is now in more than 30 countries around the world.

As the hospitality industry evolves, HUB Buildings is evolving together to become hub OS.

The old HUB Buildings logo remarked well the quality we deliver to our customers and that won’t change.

What actually changed along the way were the functionalities, the usability, the flexibility, the new well-connected partners, and the innovation.

We grew from a maintenance solution to a global operating suite. Expanded to offer other powerful solutions to various departments’ needs: housekeeping, energy, quality, f&b, openings & renovations and more recently, our first guest-facing solution called Guest In Touch.

housekeeping hub OS

HUB Buildings is growing and therefore the brand reborn as hub OS (operational system). Our growth sits not only in terms of size but also what our product represents today.

hub OS aims to build its brand around a powerful, yet simple, and complete solution for the hotel operations whilst looking into other industries. 

A brand and solution that keeps developing and innovating to respond rapidly and stronger to the industry challenges.

The rebranding was thought and developed during the most challenging time the travel industry ever faced.

However, we didn’t stop developing new features and modules with only goal in mind of continuous helping our customers around the world.

Together, we come back stronger and we’re excited to announce the new brand now when the industry is seeing the first signals of recover.

hub OS light grey
‣ From Hub Buildings to hub OS

The truth is that the name didn’t change much.

A HUB is an element to connect things, departments, hotels, industries, which keeps making totally sense! Plus, everyone know us as HUB.

However, the switch from Buildings to OS made totally sense, as an all-in-one operating system. It was an easy but needed change to better represent our evolution.

As for the logo, the extended lines make the monogram pattern look like a floor plan, as HUB looks after spaces (rooms, public areas and more different types of spaces, in the future).

At the same time, the lines also give an idea of connection – connected modules, departments, teams, systems. 

Trust – Innovation – Commitment

These are the hub OS values and the mission we have to the hospitality industry!

hub OS logo

One thing is for sure, we will keep evolving our customers’ solution (yes, the solution is for them) and positively transforming the hospitality industry to enable hoteliers to provide better human service.

Last but not least, we want to give a huge thank you to our amazing and loyal clients for putting their trust in us and for making HUB such a successful system. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

We are extremely proud of what we have become so far and we look forward to an exciting future, full of learnings and more happy clients and guests.